WULFIE ANIMATION Ltd is my production wing, specialising in animation and game creation, development and production.

First up is WULFIE, a series I created (initially for my daughter) and that I presented with Monster Entertainment, co-producer and distributor, at Cartoon Forum on September 24th. Wulfie has just launched his own Facebook page - Wulfie From Lupislandia - because he was so excited by all the attention he got at Cartoon Forum. He is currently at Mipcom with Monster Entertainment.

Currently under development is a new project, DARA. It's a game designed for children and their families living with Autism Spectrum Disorders. I'm in talks with a number of collaborators but sufficient to say, 'Watch this spot'.

It's a passion project too. If WULFIE grew from stories I made up for my daughter, then DARA came from my being fortunate to be the step Mum of two wonderful people, one of whom - Darragh - is autistic. As well as enabling kids to be more socially interactive, to develop social and other skills they need to keep them from being isolated by ASD - don't we all want our kids to have friends? - , the goal of my game is to spread empathy and understanding in the wider community.

Wulfie Animation Ltd also offer a range of services including:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Pitch and Project Development
  • Character development
  • Pitch, Treatment and Bible document rewriting and editing
  • Script Appraisal and feedback
  • Script Consultancy and Editing

If interested, contact me at wulfieproductions@lindsayjsedgwick.com.


....We are proud of Wulfie - he's a rapscallion, insatiably curious and utterly irrepressible - and of his feisty and determined best friend, Libby. She has a full time job trying to contain him. (Emphasis on the word 'trying'.)

The stories are all about life as a ten year-old, trying to juggle horrible homework, irritating teachers, annoying step-brother etc but with Wulfie diving in to try and fix things/ make them better/ more fun and always making things a hundred times worse/ more complicated and more fun. In the end.

We presented at 11am on the first day of Cartoon Forum. In the Purple Room, which seemed like a good omen. We wore purple ears and tails - and I actually enjoyed the tail swishing against my legs! Pictures are here: Wulfie Presentation.
The talent on board is exciting. Our lead writer is Steven Banks, former head writer of SpongeBob Squarepants. Both of us have already written two scripts apiece.

The concepts you see here were designed by Aaron Blecha.
Director is Andrew Crotty (I'm a Creepy Crawly) with Paul Maddon as Animation Director (Inis Spraoi, I'm a Creepy Crawly and I'm a Monster) andMark Flood as lead animator.
Creator, Writer & Creative Consultant: Lindsay J Sedgwick (Punky, Wildernuts, MagicFriends)

Compositing, offline and online editing will take place in-house at Monster Entertainment while all audio will be produced at Gorilla Sound.

Materials available: Full series bible, teaser, four completed scripts

In development with Monster Entertainment, Ireland; awarded development funding from Media April 2013.

52 x 11 minute episodes; to begin production June 2015 and complete Dec 2016

Budget : 4.5 million euro; remainder needed : c 26%.

Presented at Cartoon Forum 2014 -- as reported in Variety mag.

Next up: Off to Mipcom 2014

For details of other Irish projects heading to Cartoon Forum: Irish Animation Projects to be Pitched...

OTHER PROJECTS in development

A number of other projects are at various stages of development including ROXY a mobile game and animation series.

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