Friday, 29 April 2011

RTE to lead the global market with Punkyy???

Sooooo many links, so much time chasing them, so so much fun!

Here's the RTE one:

And, even better, here's what Sheila de Courcy, Commissioning Editor, Young People's Programmes, had to say at the launch yesterday:

"And when the proposal for PUNKY first came to me several years ago I was immediately struck by the fresh perspectives on life which it offered. I was very excited by the point of view which had neither ever seen on RTÉ screens nor, to my knowledge, seen on Childrens TV internationally, and how honest and truthful it was.

In the character PUNKY we see a wholly original narrator who has her own unique perspective on the world. Just like every other kid in Ireland she has a lot to put up with …… between friends and family, and the various obstacles that the daily routine throws up – but PUNKY gets on with it and finds a lot of fun in life. And this is what I believe our audience will enjoy – a fun series about life.

It’s in these kinds of stories that a Public Service broadcaster can lead the way, and I am proud that RTÉ has been a global leader in commissioning this series.

Series like this are made by big teams, and many people help along the way. Everyone should share in our collective delight today. My particular congratulations go out to Lindsay and Gerard in creating this series, and in fighting for it, to bring it to 1000’s of people across the world. And to Aimee [Richardson, who plays the voice of Punky] and Simon [Crane, director], and all the other people who animated PUNKY’s world. "

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Punky is in The News!!!

Tune in to tonight's Six-One News on RTE1 to see Punky officially launched.

Put together a packed room of adults, children and adults who are still children at heart; add a few short speeches, a blue rabbit called Oggie; present with a couple of episodes of what we believe is the world's first mainstream cartoon with a central character who is not only fun and loveable but also has Down syndrome - and stir gently ... The result: a wonderful, quite fantastic celebration of what can happen if you are lucky enough to get that germ of an idea before anyone else, to be pushy enough to create the world around that idea and believe it has to be made, to get support when you need it - (Irish Film Board Development Loan, such a lovely pre-Christmas bit of news in 2007) - and a producer - Gerard O'Rourke of Monster Animation who truly believed it had to be made ...

It was a fantastic event, so much absolute and happy positivity in one room!!! It was on Radio 1's lunchtime news too - don't think I'll ever get used to hearing my own voice on radio though but this is such a wonderful whirl and I could get used to that!!!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Where Punky came from, on the Tubridy Show today!

The first time I've spoken in this country about where Punky actually came from. Dave Fanning was genuinely interested and gave it tons of time in radio terms.

A scary experience - but a wonderful one... You have no idea how little sleep I got last night, thinking of phrases and things I wanted to mention... I think I got most of it in but I've also eliminated all nerves and can now sit back and enjoy tomorrow's launch....