MY BOOKS: Dad's Red Dress and others

Dad's Red Dress.

Define normal. For Jessie it would be going to school without anyone slagging off her family. That's all she wants. Trouble is her kid sister thinks she was abducted by the Virgin Mary twice (one on a motorbike) while her step-mum makes erotic feminist installations and Dad becomes Mandy when the front door closes.

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Write That Script.

This book is designed to make sure that anyone thinking seriously of writing a script gets their script written. No more agonising or procrastinating, this is the book that will help you get your first draft down, giving you the theory you need, examples and exercises for each step of the journey. Based on 21 years of teaching and mentoring in screenwriting while working as a professional screenwriter.

The Angelica Touch
When a 14 year-old decides to sort out her single mother's lovelife, it can hardly go wrong, can it?
Due out Oct/Nov 2017.

In the pipeline:
Wulfie, the untold story... involving stolen identity, the (temporary) swallowing of a little girl and the largest chocolate cake ever made. 6-11 year olds
Candlemist, a fantasy novel set high in the branches of an alternative world. For everyone with a sense of the ridiculous and a love of words
The Puppy That Wasn't, a picture book. 3-6 year olds.

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