Monday, 25 November 2013

NewzMonkeys - the first game I've been involved in!

TODAY is the day a new game appears on-line, produced by Carmel Crawford and her team out of Dundalk, called NewzMonkeys. It's set in the adventure-filled fantasy world of Scoopstown and allows you play a range of fun mini-games, write and submit reports on what’s happening in your world and share them with all your friends on NewzMonkeys.

Having had 13 years experience as a freelance journo (writing under three different names!) before becoming a full-time writer of slightly stranger stuff, it has been great fun being a consultant on the creative content.

The full launch will be early next year but registration opens tomorrow and for kids who register now, as part of the First Generation Team, they will have access to the new information website, where they can keep informed about Newzmonkeys – The Game, its development and ultimately its launch. They will be the first to know when they can access Newzmonkeys for real - they might even get to pre-test the game before the launch.

In addition...

• New members will be emailed a special Christmas edition of the Treetop Times . Packed with puzzles, games, updates on Newzmonkeys and much more.

• They can become featured reporters by sending in articles. Their reviews and news could be used in January's Treetop Times.

• They may get to visit the Design Studio to meet the games development team and see how the game is created and developed.

Oh and by the way, it costs nothing to register! It's a great game for children who love words or want to write - and for those you'd like to perhaps encourage to write or play with words a bit more! Feedback from test groups has been very positive already.

Friday, 22 November 2013

PUNKY Series 2 starts Monday on RTE2

PUNKY Series 2 starts on Monday (25th November) at 9am on RTE2, with the repeat starting at 2pm on the same channel from Dec 2nd.

Produced by Geronimo Animation (Formerly Monster Animation) and directed by Simon Crane.