Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Another great night

For what was meant to be the final Creatives in Animation Network (CAN) event of 2013, funny how it ended with talk of another gathering before Christmas, although this one possibly in the Palace Bar!

It was a great night. Largest group yet. Loads of newcomers. Again, the only thing you can be sure of with these gatherings is that you will be in a room full of interesting, talented people all keen to create animation and last night was no exception.

Some of the feedback from newcomers to the network:-
"I am only happy to tell that it was inspirational to meet and talk to so many creative people last night at the CAN..."

"Great CAN event last night, very inspiring conversations ..."

"Please keep me on your CAN list as I do feel that networks like this are very useful and great for meeting potential new colleagues and friends..."

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Punky heads into the Middle East...

Latest news from Mipcom is that Al Jazera have bought Punky. Also, a bit belatedly, here's a lovely recent article about the star of the show, Aimee Richardson, who plays Punky, and her Dad;


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Next date for the diary: 8th CAN Event on October 21st

Roasted Brown are allowing us to use their great space again so the next gathering of the Creatives in Animation Network (CAN) is on Monday 21st October.

Venue: First Floor, Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 in the Roasted Brown cafe space.

TIME: 7 - 9pm

Writers and animators with experience who are interested in collaborating. See the dedicated page on this blog for more information on our goals. Collaborations have already happened at all levels, from features to shorts....

We have writers of animation for children and adults, of comic books and feature scripts, of shorts dark and witty or simply strange - we have animators - 3d, 2d, 2.5d, working in flash, mya, stop motion, animation directors, vfx specialists, illustrators, artists.... It's not possible to list everyone's skillset but the link is that we all love being creative and we all want to make animation.

There'll be a 2 euro cover charge to cover the space and tea/coffee.

Spread the word but let me know if you're coming along so I can keep an eye on numbers. The Galway gathering was a bit lopsided because of the demands on people by the Fleadh and I want to make sure the balance is better this time.

Email me at ljsedgwick@lindsayjsedgwick.com if you've any questions.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

WULFIE is in Cannes...

The series that began as a series of bedtime stories for my daughter is off to the big league....

With wonderful new drawings by Aaron Blecha, (http://www.monstersquid.com/) under the watchful eye of Andrew Fitzpatrick and Deirdre Barry of Monster Entertainment and with former SpongeBob head writer/ story editor on board, Wulfie is at MipCom, out to win hearts and minds.

Odd to remember back to the creation of these characters, on chilly winter nights. At that stage, Wulfie lived almost entirely on a diet of dirty socks - my way of explaining to myself how there are always 17 - yes, 17 - odd socks in our house. Our laundry basket has been called Wulfie ever since.

This is also why the lead character has my daughter's name. When I ran out of steam, I'd ask her to throw me words - a location, an object, a sound - and then, armed with this outside stimulus, I'd weave it in and find my feet again as a storyteller.

So, as a series, as characters, as a world, Wulfie is part of our lives and very, very special. I believe it has become special also to Monster Entertainment and the creative team behind the Mipcom pitch... Now it's time for Wulfie to spread his magic in Cannes.....

Thursday, 3 October 2013

PIGPEN made it into the semi-finals!

Just heard today that PIGPEN made it into the semi-finals of the Screenwriting Goldmine Awards!


I've only ever once had another feature in the semi-finals - PIA, in the Bluecat Screenplay Competition 2011 - but now I remember why, sometimes, it's good to enter competitions... but mostly, I love having (i.e. really, really NEED) a deadline and try not to hope for too much after that!

Mind you, for every script/ novel/ play that makes it onto any short-list, I can guarantee you that there are ten that haven't so I shall have myself a little glass of wine tonight and hoot quietly and happily to myself like a little owl.

Congrats too to everyone else on the list and to all those who were in the quarter finals with me.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


BARZAKH has been selected for the 7th Waterford Film Festival (http://waterfordfilmfestival.com/)AND for the 58th Cork International Film Festival, both in November... It's FESTIVAL TIME!

There's also a lovely article in Film Ireland about the film: http://filmireland.net/2013/10/01/barzakh-selected-for-cork-film-festival/

November should be a fun month!

for more info on the film iteslf and the people around it, there's a dedicated page and here's the link:


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

By Mr Farquhar: Curtains Down - For Now!

FARQUHAR: FAST AND FURIOUS: Curtains Down - For Now!:

A huge thank you to the cast and crew for bringing my play to life so powerfully. To Stephen Bradley and Kate McSwiney O'Rourke, the a...