Monday, 27 August 2012

CAN Calls Animators and Writers Together Again

I’m organising the 4th Creatives in Animation Network (CAN) event on Monday, September 24th. This network is a wholly independent group, not allied to any of the related Guilds.

There's a change of venue. This one takes place in Roasted Brown, the cafe on the first floor of FilmBase, Curved Street, Temple Bar at 7pm. (PS: Very many thanks to the Screen Directors' Guild of Ireland who lent us their wonderful Screening Room for the first three events.)

Collaborations have happened and are brewing within CAN so it seemed time to bring everyone together again. The other three events were such interesting evenings!

The idea, for those who don't know, is to bring together animators and writers. We meet n greet n talk. We don't pitch, we just get to know each other and then we can follow up with specific projects later.

Numbers are less limited because of space this time but I still need to keep a balance between writers and animators so please let me know if you can make it and spread the word.