Friday, 28 October 2016

PUNKY now on Hopster...

Thrilled to announce that PUNKY is now available on Hopster, the most downloaded TV App for Children - and one that is ad-free, which has to be a bonus coming up to Christmas! That means you can get the series on your Apple TV box too, which is handy. 

Last year, PUNKY was taken up by Sweden and Brazil, the latest country this year was Portugal. It's a really nice feeling to know that it is now all over the world, from South Korea to New Zealand, from Turkey to Denmark.

You can check it out on Hopster here.

Thixs is how they have introduced it to their audience on the Hopster Facebook page: "New show alert. 😊 Punky is a beautiful show about a little girl with Down Syndrome. We love it because it teaches kids the value of family and that it's great that everyone's different. 
Watch Punky now:

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Public Readings in Maynooth Uni: 26 October

Next Wednesday, October 26th @ 6pm myself - as Screenwriter in Residence - and Joanna Walsh - as Writer in Residence - are reading from our work at a public event in the Seminar Room in the Iontas building of Maynooth University

I'll be reading from ongoing work for only the second time in my life! Normally as the screenwriter, you get to hide behind actors but not this time! Thrilled, excited, possibly won't be nervous until the day! 

This is the official introduction by the Department of English of our residencies, posts jointly funded by Maynooth Uni and Kildare Co. Council Library & Arts Service. It's a wonderful opportunity to be both part of the university and the larger community and I feel chuffed and humbled to have been chosen.

I started workshops on campus two weeks ago. Great students, some great ideas and energies in the room. I'm looking forward to getting to know them and their work better in the weeks to come. It so enjoyable to be part of the University! I can already feel that the time will go too quickly! 

I will be organising a number of public evening events during my Residency. The first is on Nov 16th from 6-8pm. Three great speakers and doers lined up on the subject and reality of writing narrative for games and interactive fiction. Keep the date free!!


It was such a blast reading from my work - first time ever! Especially after showing my brand new showreel, made for me by Donogh MacCarthy Morrogh of StormLight Productions. To show snippets of film/TV, theatre and animation but then to read from two books.... it was an absolute buzz!!! Can't wait to read again.
Joanna Walsh read from her collection Vertigo, a powerful story of depth and subtlety. I was glad I'd got up there first!
Oona Frawley, Head of the English Dept and author of Flight introducing us

Joanna Walsh reading from her collection, Vertigo.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Limerick School of Art and Design

My first ever masterclass in Limerick was a week ago on October 10th in the Limerick School of Art and Design. Enjoyed every moment, apart, perhaps, from the part at the start when I started! It's funny, no matter how prepared or experienced you are, the first moments with a large new group can feel too fast or too slow!  

It was a great experience, the whole day; especially spending time in one-to-one's with each of the final year students talking to them about their final year assignments - animation, motion capture, model-making... all sort of ideas, designs, themes, hopes, issues, structures, forms of storytelling. 

The stimulation of being in a room where so much is being imagined and created, was wonderful.