Monday, 6 October 2014

WULFIE.... Next stop MIPCOM...

WULFIE, children’s animation series, target age 6-11; 52 x 11 min eps

WULFIE, a series based on stories I created for my daughter and that I presented with Monster Entertainment at Cartoon Forum on September 24th is gearing up for another French sortie. He's off to Cannes. To Mipcom, no less, to continue the charm offensive!

Wulfie has also just launched his own Facebook page - Wulfie From Lupislandia - because he was so excited by all the attention he got at Cartoon Forum 2014.

Libby is being very patient with him but checking the posts and watching what he writes about her, about her friends and her world. Meanwhile I've started writing the first of a series of Wulfie books for the same age group.

And we are proud of him. He's our rapscallion, Wulfie - insatiably curious and irrepressible - and his feisty best friend, Libby has a full time job trying to contain him. The stories are all about life as a ten year-old, trying to juggle horrible homework, irritating teachers, annoying step-brother etc but with Wulfie diving in to try and fix things/ make them better/ more fun and always making things a hundred times worse/ more complicated and more fun. In the end. 

We presented at 11am on the first day of Cartoon Forum. In the Purple Room, which seemed like a good omen. We wore purple ears and tails - and I actually enjoyed the tail swishing against my legs! Pictures are here: Wulfie Presentation. Feedback was excellent and will be followed up at Mipcom.

Lead writer :Steven Banks, former head writer of SpongeBob Squarepants. Both of us have already written two scripts apiece.
Concept Design: Aaron Blecha.
Director is Andrew Crotty (I'm a Creepy Crawly) 
Animation Director: Paul Maddon (Inis Spraoi, I'm a Creepy Crawly and I'm a Monster) Lead Animator: Mark Flood r.
Creator, Writer & Creative Consultant: Lindsay J Sedgwick (Punky, Wildernuts, MagicFriends)

52 x 11 min episodes. 
Production to start June 2015 and last 18 months.
Budget: 4.5 million Euro; c 26% required via co-production and pre-sales. 
Presented Cartoon Forum 2014 and at  Mipcom in 2014
Compositing, offline and online editing will take place in-house at Monster Entertainment while all audio will be produced at Gorilla Sound. 

Materials available: Full series bible, teaser, four completed scripts

Friday, 3 October 2014

Cartoon Forum - Wulfie Dived Into the Limelight and Loved it!

Andrew Fitzpatrick, Monster Entertainment, starts the presentation off...
Was it only last week?

Variety article: Wulfie Carries Irish Flag

Wulfie has been presented - to a large room full of broadcasters, investors and peers and the feedback was fantastic.

Presentation in full flight: Wulfie, the ultimate - impossible - best friend.

Next stop Mipcom!

In full flight - action pics may not be flattering but talking about my favourite purple creation was a blast!
Andrew Fitzpatrick gives them the figures - we only need 26% more!
If you want to get to know Wulfie and the other characters in the series better, check out Wulfie's new Facebook page...