GAMES/ APPS.... An exciting new writing field!

In 2013 I started working on a game, then an app and this year a second game... It's a whole new world for me as a writer and an extremely stimulating one!

NEWZMONKEYS: Creative Consultant (2013 -). My first involvement in the games world! This game  is being developed in Dundalk by Carmel Crawford and her team and it's all about making words and writing and journalism fun for kids aged 6-11. I came on board because I was a journo for 13 years before becoming a professional screenwriter. Check this recent review to give you an idea of what to expect when it's launched later this year.

MAGICFRIENDS: Story and character creation, script development. This app is from the imagination of Caramagic/  Giant Animation/  Marino Software.. It's so new and such a clever idea that I can see it taking off as soon as the world gets hold of it! Creating fun characters from the animation concepts by Giant Animation / Dan Spenser is, again, allowing me to use my imagination so freely. Launch is due late August with engineering and app design by Marino Software.

GRIEF: Storylining, story development and creation (2014-). I'm working with Alan Boyce of Nevermind Games on this one. It's a really interesting project that I've been involved in from the beginning when Alan told me his idea and I thought it was fantastic. I have to say that working on this from the start is absolutely nourishing my imagination, allowing me to do things that as a writer I'm not allowed in the world of conventional screenwriting! I mean, I have five worlds to create and each of these worlds has three worlds within it and it's just wickedly exciting to work on but I can't say more about it yet!

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