Wednesday, 31 January 2018

A gift of joy... Review just in for The Angelica Touch.

Just as I'm packing up to bring copes of The Angelica Touch down to Galway for my launch next Thursday, I come across this wonderful review of the book on the Fallen Stars blog. It had me twirling! 

Here's just a part of it, to whet your appetite: 

"...Another gift of joy from Sedgwick, the Angelica Touch is filled with heart and warmth. With a setting and characters that fire the imagination, the reader gets sucked in to Angelica's world immediately and pulled along on an incredible ride of the emotions. While Angelica is trying to grow into her own true self (and doing a marvellous job),the give and take in the relationship with her mother is at once unique and typical, deeply touching and completely grates. Both are guilty of getting it utterly wrong and completely right. This hits at the soul of what it means to be a teenage daughter. Each and every character is a real gem; quirky, well described and fully realised. Their own stories of past and present weave many coloured threads throughout and make the core story all the richer. Pitch perfect and with a great pace, just when you think this story can only end one way, a surprise twist brings an even more satisfying conclusion. This is a wonderful, imaginative tale that will leave you smiling. (13+)"   

The full review is here

Hope to see some of you at the launch - 6.30pm. Charlie Byrne's gorgeous bookshop in Galway's city centre. On the 8th Feb, one week from now.

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Monday, 29 January 2018

A Galway Launch: The Angelica Touch is here

Photo by barbara Henkes
The Angelica Touch will be launched in Charlie Byrne's bookshop in Galway on Thursday Feb 8th at 6.30pm - if you're in town or can find an excuse for a long weekend in this wonderful city, please come along and welcome Angelica onto the bookshelves!

Photos by Barbara Henkes

The Angelica Touch is also available from Amazon as paperback and e-book: