Thursday, 30 July 2015

Fried Eggs... what's it all about...

Fried Eggs... starring Karen Connell. On Tuesday, 11th of August we open in Theatre Upstairs... running until the 22nd. 

The posters arrived two days ago - stunning design by Oliver Cronin with wonderful photographs by Claire-Jeanne Nash. 

An idea that was hatched on a wet day in January - to see one of my one-woman plays staged - is suddenly very tangible and very real -- and a little bit scary !  
"Dignity is over-rated and cruel, says Lulu."

We started rehearsing on a wet day just over four weeks ago in Galway, never realising it was a rollercoaster we were climbing on board!

A tiny taste of the play:  

“He snarled the way some people can pirouette in a shower without falling over or flooding the bathroom or accidentally killing their partner with the shower nozzle.” 

Day 1 of rehearsals: makeshift props and so many words to learn!

So what is it about?

Fried Eggs is a bizarre love story about two unusual sisters and one very understanding man. Eloise spends her life consoling men her sister Lulu has slept with and dumped. If Lulu could only be a little more inhibited, that might make Eloise’s life a bit easier. When Eloise loses her job because of Lulu, the last thing she wants is to meet her sister’s latest conquest, Brendan. 

But then again, Brendan might be the one person who can make everything right.

"Lulu. My name is Lulu." Photo by Claire-Jeanne Nash
Fried Eggs runs from11th – 22nd August at Theatre Upstairs
Tuesday – Saturday @7.00 pm
(11-15th August, 18 – 22nd )
Wednesday + Saturday (matinee) @ 1.00 pm
(12th, 15th, 19th + 22nd August)

Karen Connell -  Eloise + Lulu

Lindsay J Sedgwick – Writer/ Director
Aoife Fealy – Set Design
Brian Murray - Lighting Design
Sue Cummins – Stage Manager
Oliver Cronin – Visual Media Design

Theatre Upstairs
10-11 Eden Quay
Dublin 1

PHONE / +353 (0)85 772 7375

Euro 10.00/ 8.00
Opening offer: all tickets 7.50 on Tuesday August 11th
20% off for groups of 10+


Contact           Lindsay J Sedgwick, Moonstone Productions; +353 (0) 86 1663363

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Fried Eggs.... The Countdown begins!

Two weeks from today, we will be in Theatre Upstairs putting up our set and lighting design and creating the setting in which Karen Connell will create the magic using my script, Fried Eggs. It's a pretty scary and yet exhilarating moment to stop and smell the roses. Before dashing off to another rehearsal!

Fried Eggs began life because the Attic Studio Dublin were doing a night of audition pieces. I went a bit mad and came up with two short pieces. They were meant to be 2 minutes long - my second script (the one that became Fried Eggs) ended up being closer to 20! But everyone was talking about it and it seemed there were as many questions about the two sisters as there was life in the characters. So I wrote a bit more.

And a bit more again.

And there it was!

And here we are. A fantastic creative team has formed around the play...

Aoife Fealy, Set Design
Brian Murray, Lighting Design
Suzie Cummins, Stage Manager
Oliver Cronin, Visual Media Design
Julie Lockey, Production Assistant

The poster should be ready early next week and it looks stunning, featuring wonderful photos taken by Claire-Jeanne Nash just last month!


Fried Eggs runs from 11th - 22nd August; Tuesday to Saturday @ 7pm ; Weds and Sats @ 1 pm. Tickets are 10/ 8 euro.

PHONE / +353 (0)85 772 7375