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I grew up going to plays, thanks to my mother who loved theatre and wrote my first play when I was 17. The tangible magic that happens when you electrify or even mesmerise an audience and draw them into the world and the heads of characters you have created is incredible.

In total. I have my plays produced in Dublin, Galway, Cork and Derry. I've had my work produced in Theatre Upstairs, Dublin, The Focus Theatre,  Dublin, the Waterside, Derry, the International Bar, Dublin, the Townhall Theatre, Galway, the Cork Arts Theatre, Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin and on BBC Radio 4. (The latter a stage play read in Bradford on the Mill that became a radio play.)

Despite writing material and having rehearsed readings all over Ireland, the UK and in Northern Ireland (and entering occasional competitions), there was this long gap between 1997 and 2013. I was supposed to be focussing on writing for TV and film so that was what I did.Then I got bitten again. There is nothing quite as magical as watching your characters come to life in front of an audience that is engaged wholly with them.
My next play, FRIED EGGS will be on this August in Theatre Upstairs above Lanigan's Bar on Eden Quay from 11th to 22nd. It will be on at 7pm Tuesday to Saturday, with matinees at 1pm on Weds and Sats. I'm directing this one, my first go at directing in a long time and I can't wait. It stars the wonderful Karen Connell and Cait Corkery has agreed to do art design, which is awesome! 
I've also just had readings of two other one woman plays - one definitely a comedy, All Thumbs, with Julie Browne totally inhabiting the piece - and Benjamin, which is a more thoughtful piece about a mother's relationship with her son over the course of 18 years and was read so well by Hilary Cotter. Hopefully one or both will not move towards production....
But I have many other plays of all sorts and shapes. I love writing for stage too much to ever stop. So if you want to read or stage any of my material, let me know at of the more recent productions include: For more information & photos see here Produced by Blue Eagle Productions and directed by Caroline Byrne, it starred Stephen Bradley and Kate O'Rourke. 
"BY MR FARQUHAR was a complete and utter joy to watch."

"[We were} totally and and utterly captivated throughout."

"Incredibly moving...BY MR FARQUHAR really deserves to be seen again (and again)."

"[We were} totally and and utterly captivated throughout."
"Incredibly moving...BY MR FARQUHAR really deserves to be seen again (and again)."

Smock Alley Theatre, Feb/ March 2013. Directed by Antoinette Duffy and starring Aoife Moore.


"Excellent, exciting, beautiful new piece of writing by Lindsay Jane Sedgwick cleverly directed by Antoinette Duffy and acted by Aoife Moore with that wonderful sense of engaging energy" - Patrick Sutton. Director Smock Alley Theatre and Gaiety School of Acting.

"Wonderful!" - ES.

"Absolutely brilliant.... Gut wrenching..." - C McG.

"Great show, beautifully written and performed. Lindsay's writing is poetic and I found myself smiling aloud, so to speak, at the richness of the character's perceptions" - PC.

"A beautifully crafted little gem. Mesmerizing. Deserves a longer run" - T O'B.

"I loved the vivid imagery in the play - felt it really depicted the struggle as she was losing her sight - and the effect it had on her relationship" - MH.

BY MR FARQUHAR (formerly A Fresh Gale & Cold Chicken...)
Waterside Theatre, Derry, 24th - 29 September 2013


"Truly beautiful... A privilege to see it. It deserves to be seen by many, many more audiences "
You can view the trailer here; and the reviews, cast list, photos here.
Focus Theatre, Dublin (1997)
Winner of Best Writer and Best Production awards, Cork Art’s Theatre’s national competition. First time in 10 years that one play won both top awards. 
One woman play c 50 mins about a mother's relationship with her son over the course of 18 years
female lead, six men: a rom com about a woman who falls in love with men because of the cakes they eat.
One woman play c 25 mins. A woman grows a man from a thumb in the lab and keeps him hostage.
A new, post-dramatic drama with two interweaving narratives tackling the issue of teenage suicide head on from their perspective. Cast of 20-25 playing characters aged 14-16. Suitable for youth theatre groups or imaginative school drama groups.

(Early draft)
Still Players, Cork Arts Theatre 1997.

Winner of Best Writer and Best Production awards, Cork Arts Theatre National One-Act Competition, 1997

Brilliantly written play...Fascinating… language which is rich and full of powerful imagery.” (The Examiner, 2.10.97) 

Magnetic...a masterpiece of unusual, highly dramatic yet entertaining theatre that will live long in our memories.” (East Cork newspaper, 27.11.97)

Rehearsed Reading with Andrew Bennett, Abbey Theatre, Dublin. 

While I found the material extremely uncomfortable, to the point where the audience may be cast as voyeur, I also found a serious, committed and original style and voice at work.” - Judy Friel, Literary Manager, Abbey Theatre.

Cork Art's Theatre, Cork. (1996)

A terrifying piece of theatre which deserves to be done again and again.” (Competition Judge Don McMullin)

Gripping psychological drama… a startlingly good piece of writing.” (Sun. Independent)

Honourable Mention, Society of Irish Playwrights/ PEN Play Competition

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