Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Registering Copyright - do you need to?

Interesting article about registering copyrightat http://www.scriptmag.com/features/legally-speaking-it-depends-script-registration

It's written for the US market really but I did register several script years ago with the WGA - before I entered competitions - and it's still possibly the cheapest way to do it officially.

I know you can post yourself the script by registered mail but every time I've done that, I've then forgotten by the time it arrived and got so excited about getting a parcel that I've ripped it open.

Yep. It's sort of a 'D'oh' moment but usually with more swearing.

As far as I know, copyright exists the minute you write an idea up so the more you have written about a series or feature you're developing, the stronger your claim to copyright. And if you can manage not to rip open the parcel when it arrives, registered mail is still a good way to prove you were the author of that idea on that day.

Also, if you sit down at a meeting with a producer/ director/ possible collaborator, you can (respectfully, and not appearing to be paranoid or they won't talk to you anyway) say that the idea(s) you're discussing are between you both and that you'd like him/ her to tell you if they want to discuss it with a third person. I think this binds them to respect your copyright... But if you talk about an idea in a bar, you can't complain because anyone could have heard it...

Have to say, though, that it felt pretty cool to have the WGA certificate saying that on that particular day, I had created it and it was official!

I had a great time about 15 years ago when my apple computer started saving everything in 1935. I daydreamed about the scripts I could download and claim were mine, even as I feared my computer had been eaten up by a long toothed genie from the inside. Then I found out it was a battery that had gone.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Women in Animation UK is Live

Last Tuesday saw the launch of a UK (and Ireland) branch of Women in Animation at Mind Candy studios in London. The network has been launched by Lindsay Watson of Canuk Productions, pictured left with Kate O'Connor, Deputy CEO/ Executive Director of Creative Skillset UK.

Great night, wonderful people; everyone has been invited to feed their ideas into the group so that it can be designed to provide exactly what individual members think is important - such as mentoring, networking, advice.

I'll keep you posted but if anyone wants to contact the network directly, you can contact Lindsay Watson at Animatedwomenuk@gmail.com

Friday, 13 September 2013

By Mr Farquhar - Change of venue and dates

The dates and venue have been changed for the Derry play. It's now on in the wonderful Waterside Theatre on Tuesday 24th, Weds 25th, Thurs 26th, Friday 27th and Sunday 29th September at 8pm. No Saturday night.... Here's a taster of what to expect...


For the publicity machine, Barbara Henkes took a series of pics on the roof of Filmbase in Dublin with me clutching a copy of George Farquhar's comedy, The Beaux Stratagem. This is the one she took when she told me to wave my arms around and shake my head and then said, 'Stop!' --- so I did!

Friday, 6 September 2013

My feature script, PIGPEN makes Goldmine Quarter Finals

PIGPEN just made it into the quarter finals of the Screenwriting Goldmine Awards in the UK. (http://awards.screenwritinggoldmine.com/quarter-finalists-2013)

I haven't entered a competition in ages so I'd forgotten how wonderful it feels to see your name on the list! It's my only blockbuster feature too - a nasty, violent prison-breakout movie script... Those of you who have known me for a long time will remember when it began. It has a long history, this particular script.

Meanwhile, signed the option and am working on a rewrite of another feature we're hoping to make next Spring - really exciting but I don't want to say much until the funding's in place... Only that it's lovely to rewrite a script not because someone thinks it should go in a different direction but because someone who is raising money and determined to make it wants to make it easier to film in a practical way. I'm actually enjoying the process, having not looked at the script for a year.

Also, development on my next animation series, WULFIE continues apace with Mipcom looming. The artist Aaron Blecha (http://www.monstersquid.com/) is doing the concepts which are really lovely and Sponge Bob headwriter Steven Banks has joined the creative team. I'm developing the series with Monster Entertainment.

And my next stage play, BY MR FARQUHAR, opens in less than three weeks in Derry. (http://resurrectinggeorgefarquhar.blogspot.ie/) They're shooting a trailer/ teaser on Monday - excited to see it and it will be great to have something tangible to share.

Turning into an interesting year!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

By Mr Farquhar has a poster!

FARQUHAR: FAST AND FURIOUS: My play, BY MR FARQUHAR, is now deep into rehearsa...:

The play is really, really happening. We have a poster! There's a fantastic creative team all trying to bring my words to life in the sexiest way possible!! The play opens on Weds 25th October in the Foyle Theatre, Derry and for a week until, and including, Tues 1st October ... Anyone fancy a weekend in a beautiful and historic walled city with an evening of theatre in the middle?