Monday, 13 April 2015

FRIED EGGS... my new play

The wonderful photographer Claire Jeanne Nash turned my house into a series of little studios for the day and took some fantastic shots of Karen Connell, the star of the show.

The first batch of Claire's pictures are just downloading onto my computer as I type this but we have to hold them back for posters and banners and stuff that will make you desperate to see the show!!

(Put the dates in the diary: Theatre Upstairs Eden Quay, Dublin 1; August 11th - 22nd.)

Monday 13th April 2015

"As a piece of theatre, as a piece of writing, it is absolutely beautiful..."

I have to write that down and put it out there because it is soooo wonderful when, as a writer, you hear a response like this. That it came from the theatre manager who can - and wants to programme the play so that I'm only now waiting to confirm dates, it was like nectar!

Watch this space!