Thursday, 28 February 2013

Character Design and Development - 9th March - IFI/ISA

I've been asked to join the panel at this Character Design and Development event in the IFI on March 9th - looks like an interesting day....

The event is tying in with the release of Sam Raimi's Oz The Great and the Powerful, and is being run in conjunction with the Irish School of Animation. It will be looking at character design and development in live action, animations, hybrid features and TV shows.

First up is a masterclass with Troy Saliba (Anastasia, Titan A.E., Oz The Great and the Powerful), with a panel discussion after lunch comprising representatives from animation, filmmaking and screenwriting will consider characters they have created/designed and/or developed from idea through to realisation. Panellists will include Jason Tammemagi (Geronimo Productions), Bronagh OHanlon (Brown Bag), Nicky Gogan (Still Films), Paul Bolger (Pillarstone Productions), Lindsay Jane Sedgwick (writer and tutor), Ciaran Foy (Citadel) and Gareth Lee (Irish School of Animation).

PS: The IFI are giving away FREE 'plus one' tickets to the screening of Oz The Great and the Powerful to the first 40 people who book the event!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Salt on Our Skin opens at Smock!

Fantastic performance by Aoife Moore as Eve in Salt on Our Skin for the opening night last night! "Mesmerising" was one comment I overheard! (Yeah, I was seriously chuffed!) Only two performance left - Thursday 26th and Sat 2nd of March @6pm in Smock Alley Theatre.

A brilliant show by Sarah Kinlen - Portrait of the Artist as a Youngish Woman - is the second work of theatre in the hour of theatre with Salt and absolutely worth seeing!

Some feeddback for Salt and Aoife:

"Wonderful" - ES, Terenure.

"I went last night really good play and acting, truly moving and puts a unique perspective on vision, love and how we relate and communicate difficult issues. Moving theatre it works really well in the space" – DC, Clontarf

Monday, 25 February 2013

Salt on Our Skin -- one day to go!

One day to go and Salt will have its world debut in Smock Alley Theatre-The Boys' School at 6pm (Tuesday 26th Feb) Can't wait to see it now in front of a live audience and it's such a lovely venue - for those of you who haven't yet been in 'The Boys' School' space. Really atmospheric. (It's also on Thurs 28th Feb and Sat 2nd, also @ 6pm)

We had tech runs at the weekend and I took some pics but great as my little I-phone is, these are definitely 'atmospheric' pics only!

Apart from actor Aoife Moore who carries this one-woman play...

... the pics feature my oldest chair - lovingly re-homed after the old house was sold, despite siblings saying it wasn't worth keeping!...

... and a wonderful quilt that my sister Karen made for me that has been hanging on my bedroom wall for years.

Salt On Our Skin will be followed by Portrait of the Artist as a Youngish Woman by Sarah Kinlen. Both are part of the Collaborations Festival which began on Friday and runs till the 9th Feb. 28 shows, getting an average of three nights apiece... Not a lot of time to see heaps of wonderful shows but definitely worth making the effort!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Salt on Our Skin - less than a week to go!

Saw the first full run through on Sunday and now I can truly say, COME TO THIS SHOW!! It is worth seeing, hearing, feeling!

Three nights only @ 6pm
Tuesday 26th Feb
Thursday 28th Feb
Saturday 2nd March

Where is it on?
In the wonderful, newest-yet-oldest theatre in town....

SMOCK ALLEY THEATRE - The Boys' School, 7 Lower Exchange Street, Temple Bar
(Directions here:

Salt on Our Skin is part of the Collaborations Festival run by the Jack Burdell Experience theatre company - 28 shows over two weeks; tons of other wonderful shows to see...

Tickets are available from these sites:

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Creatives in Animation Network - First 2013 Meeting

Hoping to set up another get together for the Creatives in Animation Network in March - the first two months have just been too hectic - but in a good way...

1. Stage: SALT ON OUR SKIN, Smock Alley Theatre Feb 26th, 28th and March 2nd as part of the Collaborations Festival organised by the Jack Burdell Experience theatre company; A second play is also on line for later in the year for Derry, Dublin and the world!

2. Film: BARZAKH, a live action short film, is in post production in Cork - director Donogh MacCarthy Morrogh, Stormlight Productions. To be launched early March;

3. TV Series: Promising tremors are indicating that a tv series I created may genuinely and realistically go into production later this year... Fingers valiantly crossed! Toes too!

4. Animation: Script gig on a new animation series. Also the series I created PUNKY goes into its second series...

5. Creatives in Animation Network: Apart from organising the next meeting of the Network I'm looking to pull together a special meeting looking at games/ cross platform writing. Something you'd be interested in?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Salt on Our Skin...a tiny taster


I wear colourful clothes now. I splash the rainbow in my hair and on my hands and when I dream, I dip my fingers in the sky and they come out blue.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Salt on Our Skin - three performances only!

I've set up a Facebook page to make it easier to check the dates, details for booking etc. The Boy's School space in Smock Alley Theatre is a really interesting one but with limited seating.

The work being done in rehearsals is pretty stimulating and fun - though I think the word "challenging" was used by our actress, Aoife Moore! It's not an easy script to learn - but hopefully a great one to witness coming alive on stage.

We're all half in love with the play so we'd love you to come and see it if you can!

This is the facebook events page:

You can also find it by putting Salt on Our Skin into the search engine. Hope to see some of you there!! Make sure you say hello afterwards.

ANYWAY, the details....

EVENT: Salt on Our Skin - a new play by me is on in Smock Alley Theatre - The Boy's School @6pm on 26th and 28th Feb and March 2nd. Salt will be followed by another new show - 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Youngish Woman' by Sarah Kinlen. The one hour compilation is part of Collaborations 13.

Collaborations 13 is the exciting, innovating and hyperactive brainchild of the Jack Burdell Experience theatre company.

The festival runs in Smock from Feb 22nd - March 9th and is showcasing nearly 30 new shows of every sort.....

...Linked by the desire to create magical theatrical experiences!

DATES FOR SALT ON OUR SKIN: Feb 26 & 28 + Mar 2nd @ 6pm in Smock Alley Theatre - The Boy's School, 7 Lower Exchange Street, Temple Bar, D8.

BOOKING: is via
2. - look up Collaborations and the booking page will pop up (

Hope to see you there!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Barzakh filming is underway

Great news!

Director Donogh MacCarthy- Morrogh started shooting a short film I wrote last November in Cork at the weekend. Called Barzakh, it was commissioned by the Killarney Asylum Seekers Initiative and the difficulty inherent in the project was to find a way to tell just one of hundreds of human stories that would highlight even some of the issues refugees to Ireland face, in a way that was visually, dramatically, emotionally moving -- but that absolutely stood on its own as a memorable dramatic short.

The photos of last weekend's shoot look great -- especially fascinating as the film starts in Afghanistan! It's a tight schedule - the rest should be shot at the end of this week/ through the weekend but it's looking good.

Exciting! It's 14 years since I witnessed a short film of mine come to life!