Thursday, 22 March 2018

The Angelica Touch is locally launched - still on a high!

Last Thursday, March 22nd, my second book, The Angelica Touch was launched in Javaholics Cafe, Fairview with pizza and wine, the wonderful singing of Mervyenne Jacque  and the superb and and inventive thespian talent of Anna Olsen Nugent.

Ooh I do love signing books!

And meeting new writers!

Javaholics is where I lurk and write while getting increasingly caffeinated. It's my 'go to cafe' when I'm finding it hard to settle down to work or need to brainstorm a section of material. One of Al's flat white's and I return home with a reaf of pages or edits, fired up to dive in and determined not to get distracted by other work!

Javaholic's Maestro, Al Vali.