Feature in development with Broadsword Entertainment
Scheduled for production April/ May 2014 with Mischa Barton in the lead role.

Contemporary high concept comedy.

Cass has simplified her love life by choosing to have seven boyfriends simultaneously, thus avoiding heart ache. Into her life comes Jamie, the flatmate from hell who believes in true love...

Some of the feedback to date:

“Overall, I found it fantastic! Excellent concept, smart, witty dialogue, and characters who each have their own, unique voice. I learned a lot myself by reading this first act. The dialogue was smart and brilliantly written, esp. Jamie's. I can only aspire to write this kind of witty banter. I loved it!” – GS/ US reader.

“Just read the script. Well done you. It's is very funny. It grabs the attention. I think a lot of women would enjoy it. It’s very different to anything else I've read of your. Goes to show your writing range!! Thanks for sending me the script. Well done once again.” - SG/ Irish actress

“This is a fun story about a woman that dates seven different men, so that she can have a good time, but also for her own protection she never really gets attached to any of them. But when her new roommate is a man that does not find her lifestyle amusing, she meets her match, and falls in love. Cass is a strong character because she was hurt so deeply by the death of her first husband that she has commitment issues. There is empathy built for her when it is realized that she is not just a mean person that uses men, but her dating lifestyle is to protect her own heart.

"Jamie is an enjoyable character because he purposely does things to drive Cass crazy, such as giving the cat some fish to eat, putting candy in the cat’s water, and leaving his taxi plate laying around the apartment. While all of the men that Cass dates seem to just blindly adore her, Jamie challenges Cass, and makes her have to be herself around him, instead of changing her personality for each new guy.

"The different men all having extreme personalities, and each being so unique makes them memorable. It is easy to keep track of each of the men, their odd behaviors, and the purpose for Cass dating them.

"The scene when all of the men show up at Cass and Jamie’s apartment, and she must struggle to keep them all away from each other is funny. She is creative during her time of panic, and then it is a good moment of tension when she realizes that it is Jamie that caused all of them men to show up at similar times.

"Cass having a job studying the impact of drugs on laboratory rats is a good reflection of her life, and how she experiments with men. It is fun to see what crazy things she will do in the laboratory, just like it is fun seeing the crazy things she will do in her real life.” – Bluecat reader, 2012

“The dialogue and banter in the screenplay are snappy and fun to read. When Jamie an Cass have their encounters in the apartment, it is a joy to see what each of them will fire at one another next, and the times that Cass meets with her several different love interesting throughout the story are also highly enjoyable because of the diverse personalities she deals with and how uproaring each of them can be.

"With that, each of the characters in the script truly possess their own voices and personas, equipped with quirks and traits that make them humorous or simply intriguing to see whenever they enter the story. For example, Andy and his constant use of pills and mind-altering entities just to feel at ease provides a profile of a person many have probably encountered, but few have been able to tell the story of dating them. This, along with the other men who range from uptight/serious to free-spirited/opinionated, remains true to a lot of real people out there, but portrayed in a humorous fashion that could set this picture up against some of the great romantic comedies of our time.

"The overall premise of the story is also very inventive and a real pleasure to progress into because of all the connections and path-crossings Cass endures with her several different love interests, along with her spark-flying and heated discussions she gets into with Jamie. We follow her from the beginning, where she is loving her life as a girl who can fulfill those differing voids with varying men’s personalities, all the way to realizing there can exist that one person, who may not possess every single thing you find attractive in people, but on the whole make you feel emotions past anything that others can.

"The plot addresses a real human concern regarding the idea of settling down with someone when there could be so many dissimilar, and possibly better fitting, options out there. Yet it nicely packages a story that provides hope toward the fact that it doesn’t matter whether or not a person embodies everything, just whether or not you love them for all they are.

"The central character of Cass is also a delight to get to know and tag along with throughout the story. She is a determined woman with a cause, and many romantic opinions that paints her in a strong light, making her a likeable and admirable female lead that is quite representational of modern people’s perceptions on love and romantic involvement.

"By the time we become fully aware of her mindset, we trust what she has to say, and many times feel for her when she undertakes embarrassing or emotional moments in the narrative. It is truly grand when a screenplay has such a protagonist.” - Bluecat reader #2, 2012

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