Smock Alley Theatre, Feb/March 2013
As part of the Collaborations Festival

Performed by Aoife Moore
Directed by Antoinette Duffy
Produced by Lindsay J Sedgwick


"Absolutely brilliant.... Gut wrenching..." - C McG.

"Excellent, exciting, beautiful new piece of writing by Lindsay Jane Sedgwick cleverly directed by Antoinette Duffy and acted by Aoife Moore with that wonderful sense of engaging energy" - Patrick Sutton. Director Smock Alley Theatre and Gaiety School of Acting.

"Wonderful!" - ES.

"Great show, beautifully written and performed. Lindsay's writing is poetic and I found myself smiling aloud, so to speak, at the richness of the character's perceptions" - PC.

"A beautifully crafted little gem. Mesmerizing. Deserves a longer run" - T O'B.

"I loved the vivid imagery in the play - felt it really depicted the struggle as she was losing her sight - and the effect it had on her relationship" - MH.

"Beautiful language and very thought-provoking" - NS.

Amazing play... enjoyed it immensely" - AM.

"I just had to email you and say how wonderful 'Salt on our Skin' was. I was there on Saturday evening and it was a completely full house. The play was performed brilliantly by Aoife Moore. I was totally moved by her performance. The writing is so beautiful. It was like listening to a beautiful piece of music. Smiling one moment, completely moved the next. Well done on a wonderful piece of work" - PM.

Pat O’Rourke, Editor Dublin People newspaper:

"I really enjoyed this superbly-crafted play by Lindsay J Sedgwick as part of the Collaborations Festival in the intimate surroundings of the Smock Alley Theatre.

"The main character Eve (Aoife Moore) is losing her sight and has to relay the news to her lover. She does this in the form of a letter. Eve manages to effortlessly engage with the audience from the outset and through the crisp and vibrant writing skills of Sedgwick, holds their attention to the very last word.

"One of the worst things imaginable in life must be the feeling that you are about to lose your sight, and there was great empathy with Eve's desperation as she clings to all the things we take for granted. Eve takes her lover (and subsequently the audience!) behind her eyes so that he will understand what it means to be losing her sight. Sedgwick paints a strong picture of what it would be like through carefully chosen words, great use of colour and powerful imagery.

"All round, this is a captivating play, which includes an excellent performance by Aoife Moore and is definitely a must-SEE!"

Patrick Chapman:

"Salt on our Skin is a beautifully written and dramatically realised piece of theatre. I saw it at Smock Alley and was particularly taken by the performance of Aoife Moore as Eve. Lindsay J. Sedgwick has written a nuanced, lyrical play – a subtle and heartbreaking portrait of a young woman who is losing her sight. As her perception of the world changes; and with it others’ perception of her, Eve brings us behind her eyes to see what life is like from her perspective. Salt on our Skin is also ruefully funny and Eve is a very human character, movingly brought to life."

"A fascinating play about a young girl's loss of sight . Told alternately through narrative and profound but excellent dialogue the play encapsulates the many emotions involved. The pace is lively the language engaging keeping the audience enraptured till the end. A truly wonderful play! – J McG

"I went last night really good play and acting, truly moving and puts a unique perspective on vision, love and how we relate and communicate difficult issues. Moving theatre it works really well in the space" – DC on Facebook.

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