Wednesday, 16 November 2011

NaNoWriMo - satisfying but tough to do!

Back on target. Edging towards the 26,000 word mark on this the 16th day of National Novel Writing Month.

It's hard. Harder than I expected, but easier too. Harder to keep going but more enjoyable when you do. It has reminded me of why I write - because I love words!

Having a meter ticking over helps. I love calculating my new daily 'score' of words - I think I do it every few pars on some days. In 'stats', you can calculate your wordage by day and see what day, if you continue at that pace, you will finish; also how many words you need to write every day to reach the goal of 50,000 words by November 30th. (I think we may have a few extra crucial hours too, it being calculated in American time!)

Probably it appeals to the geek in me that needs numbers going upwards to feel the progress. Unless it's a Visa bill. Not so good when it keeps getting higher.

I took for my template a first draft screenplay that isn't working. Without really referring to the script except for snatches of dialogue that I then rewrite completely, I have just gone with the flow and I type up whatever seems to present itself. Chain of consciousness. A conscience suddenly talking. A monologue on why people fall in love. A foray into the background of a character and questions he asked that weren't answered when he was four and a half.

It's one of the most refreshing, tiring and satisfying exercises in that my other projects are also getting the benefit because my brain is being forced to create without worrying about whether it is any good. I find the words are flowing more freely on the other work I have to do, that I'm editing more clearly, that I get through work that has to be done without agonising over how long it will take.

But of course I have a sneaky hope it might be okay... if not in this draft (no, definitely not in this draft) then in the future. At least I will have the bones of a novel to pick over.

As for the screenplay, part of me is thinking the novel is better for the story while another part is seriously hoping that by writing it up as a novel, I can force the structure of the story to heal itself...

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