Thursday, 22 November 2012

WULFIE and friends are GO!

This month, May 2014, I submitted my series Wulfie to Cartoon Forum under the auspices of my production company, Wulfie Animation, with Monster Entertainment as co-producer. It's a big move and one I was so ready to make.

The Bible is looking fantastic, thanks to everyone at Monster Entertainment. The drawings - backgrounds, characters - are gorgeous so please wish it well as it wings itself off to find funding in Europe.

Wulfie's real name is Mozart Amadeus Rachmaninov the Third, aka the Big bad Wolf and he arrived in my life in 2005.

I created the original stories for my daughter -- in a way because I felt obliged to tell her home-made stories at bed-time.

It's what writers are meant to do! I'd read about it. Every writer worth his or her salt seemed to have a series of books or a film based on something they created for their child/ children.

It was a hard act to follow but finally, after a few false starts, I found Wulfie.

Don't get me wrong, I ADORE writing, creating worlds, stories, characters. I mean, come on, is there a cooler and more fun way to make a living?! (Okay, 'make a living' might be a stretch at the moment but where would I be without a vivid and hopeful imagination?!)

But in terms of structure, pacing and chaotic but happy endings, I learnt on the job. Nothing like a small child in bed to comment on what she feels does and doesn't work! And she was my audience. If she got excited, if she went to sleep with a grin and woke wanting to know more, I knew I was on the right track.

It was a magical experience that lasted for years. Our laundry basket is still named after Wulfie cos Wulfie's foodstuffs-of-choice are dirty socks.

The smellier the better.

And, of course, Wulfie had a best friend who was a little girl and she was named for my daughter, Libby. Then Libby's friend at school was named for my step-daughter which felt really nice to do although a few weeks ago when we decided to make her a boy, to appeal to both genders since they both watch telly and we want this to travel EVERYWHERE!

Guess I'll have to find another series for the original friend!

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