Monday, 7 April 2014


So we didn't get an IFTA, it really doesn't matter and congratulations to all who did. It was PUNKY's third IFTA nomination and there was also a Celtic Media Award nomination in 2012 -- and that's a pretty delightful track record!

We actually met fantastic and interesting people including Philomena Lee, Steve Coogan, Michael D Higgins - in what other country could you tap the President on the shoulder as he was was eating dinner and he'd get to his feet for a photo and a chat?! - Brendan Gleeson - he and Aimee had a good chat about acting - Michael Fassbender, Simon Delaney and many others across the waves of the film and TV industry. We celebrated being there with everyone else, even got a bit of dancing in - thanks Aimee, nobody else would have danced with me! - and had a ball.


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