Wednesday, 3 December 2014

DARA - a new game for children with autism.

Today, I launched a new Facebook page for my latest project, a passion project really, called DARA. It's a computer game designed for children with autism.

You can find more info on the game here.I'm hoping to get involvement going and discussions as the project moves forward here, on the Facebook page and on Twitter, directly and by messaging.

Right now I'm sourcing development and research funding and partnerships, building up a network internationally of people who want to talk about their kids and what they'd like to have for their kids to make sure the game is the best it can be and achieves everything it can achieve.

It also has to be an awesome game so that kids will play it of their own volition. They will repeat play. They will engage wholly. And being in that space, given the gameplay is being designed to help they develop social skills and coping mechanisms, they are learning constantly and without even being aware of it.

Fore parents, of course, it's an educational tool. There will be digital monitoring so they can see the areas their child focusses on and can work on further tangible development of this skill in the real world. But meanwhile, they will  know that their child is in a safe place and that they are playing a game which is teaching them crucial skills,,,,

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Watch this space!!

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