Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Fried Eggs... On directing your own lines

"I remain still... Still as a knuckle sandwich in a snowstorm when you don't know who to fight..."

Exploring character with Suzanna Geraghty
I wrote Fried Eggs without thinking of every word. Many words, sentences, even entire sequences just 'felt right'. Deep in my gut, they worked.

But the thing about directing is that suddenly every one of those words has meaning, sometimes several depending on the breathing behind the line, the pauses, the material before and after, the interpretation of character, the physical presence and every phrase needs to be understood organically, viscerally, often deep in the bones.

Some lines will change and the change will feel right because rehearsing is a collaboration and working with the amazing actress Karen Connell makes that a really fulfilling process, but others are part of the heart of the piece, the magic and the understanding needs to feel real. In her gut, not mine.
Worn out by rehearsals...

As director, you're meant to help the actor(s) get to that understanding... You step back from your work and are suddenly challenged to understand everything.

Most of it is there. You created the characters so you should know them well, but others come from some creative space and are less easy to explain.

So try these from Fried Eggs... and they are NOT the most difficult:

"He snarls the way some people can pirouette in a shower without falling over or flooding the bathroom or accidentally killing his partner with the shower nozzle."

Eloise. Lulu. Photo by Claire-Jeanne Nash
"Three eggs... like suns in a moon cloud..."

Then come to see the play and see what Karen has achieved in becoming Eloise and Lulu, two sisters with very different attitudes to life.

 11th – 22nd August at Theatre Upstairs, Eden Quay, Dub 1
Tuesday – Saturday @7.00PM
(11-15th August, 18 – 22nd )
Wednesday + Saturday (matinee) @ 1.00PM
(12th, 15th, 19th + 22nd August)

Karen Connell -  Eloise + Lulu

Lindsay J Sedgwick – Writer/ Director
Aoife Fealy – Set Design
Brian Murray - Lighting Design
Sue Cummins – Stage Manager
Julie Lockey - Production Assistant
Oliver Cronin – Visual Media Design

PHONE / +353 (0)85 772 7375

Euro 10.00/ 8.00
Opening offer: all tickets 7.50 on Tuesday August 11th
20% off for groups of 10+


Contact                 Lindsay J Sedgwick, Moonstone Productions; +353 (0) 86 1663363
Auditioning mirrors: Early days when the mirror was an important image - two sisters, two sides of one coin; what we see, how we understand reality and ourselves... all crucial themes.

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