Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Write That Script - is in the IFI!

With the sad demise of Filmbase, my physical launch of the book has been postponed so I decided to launch it on social media while I finalise a new venue. It is available on Amazon, on my online store and, from today (April 11th),in the IFI Film Shop on Eustace Street, Dublin 2.

IFTN did a lovely news piece today about the book you can read here.

So what's the book about? It's about getting that idea out of your head and onto the page. After teaching screenwriting for over two decades while working as a professional screenwriter for nearly as long (or longer, if you consider some freelance work in 1990-3 with Fair City and Scratch Saturday), this is me trying to put it all in one place and give you the tools to get the script written. Now. Not tomorrow or next year or when you have more time, but now. You'll feel so much better, honestly!

These are some of the endorsements that are coming in:

"A practical inspiration for getting that script out of your head and on to the page/screen from someone who has done just that and done it brilliantly." – Paul Donovan, Producer, Deadpan Pictures

"Written with great passion for and insight into the craft of screenwriting, 'Write that Script! And write it now', is an inspirational, practical and detailed manual on how to write your first screenplay - but also one that will help you write any screenplay. Reading it gave me a strong urge to apply everything that is recommended in the book to the next screenplay I write. Lindsay's guidance is clear, helpful and fun and it's backed up by numerous filmic references which she analyses expertly. Her writing exercises will build confidence and craft. Lindsay was my first screenwriting teacher way back in 1996 and set me on my way to becoming a professional screenwriter. It is a delight to see all her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm distilled into a book that will add richly to the education of screenwriters everywhere." - Christian O’Reilly, screenwriter. 

"What Lindsay has done wonderfully well in this book is to give screenwriters a helpful and practical guide to fire imaginations and to get words flowing onto the page. It’s full of advice, filled with insightful examples and bursting with practical exercises that will have you finishing your screenplays with confidence and creativity. It’s the how-to book that inspires as much as it teaches and enlightens. She has distilled the essence of screenplay craft and technique and turned it into a practical guidebook that’ll motivate you to overcome the screenwriter’s hardest obstacle – the first draft."– Alan Fitzpatrick, MD Filmbase.

"What I love about this book is that it's all practical and actionable advice, with effective exercises and brainstorming tips. Great for those starting out and getting more familiar with the challenges of screenwriting, as well as those want to develop their craft in a committed and professional way." - Danny Stack, writer director

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