Thursday, 3 May 2012

What are broadcasters looking for?

Attended a fantastic day in The Lighthouse, organised by Media last Monday (30th) called Focus on Animation.

Among the many gems - and I'll try to share more as the week goes on - was this, from the presentation by Alix Wiseman, Head of Sales & Acquisitions, Aardman Animation.

She asked the question, what are broadcasters looking for?

The answer:

"We’d like a vertically integrated 360 transmedia bluesky fish-out-of-water tentpole comedy show with a popping takeaway please..."

Hmm. Yup, we can all do that. Sure we can. It's just a matter of coming up with a brilliant idea and squeezing it though all the hoops and whining gurneys until it ticks all the boxes and dances on its two left feet. Probably to the Merengue. And makes us all millionaires.

Fortunately, she explained that all they really want is that they want is something that is :

"...Funny, commercial, unique, original and audiences should get the warm tingly feeling of viewer satisfaction at the end of every episode."

Same thing really, possibly without the Merengue. Probably with animals, ideally non-gender specific so the merchandise can fill the pink aisle and the blue aisle at the same time and make us multi-millionaires. Maybe adding in some catchy tunes - without words cos dubbing costs but more on that next time.

Coming up next:

The likes and dislikes of broadcasters considering your animation series... Again, according to Alix Wiseman. And other wise words!


  1. No big asks then! Thanks for posting about it - was it a good event in general?

  2. Yes. It was. Interested that everyone wants series for 5-8 or 6-9 year-olds, which Punky originally was. See you at Zebbies?