Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What Broadcasters Want... part 2

Continuing the series of What Broadcasters Want...

...based on the presumption that if we know and if that knowledge is filed away like a freshly laundered sheet - the sort you only ever get in hotels - at the back of our effervescent and teeming brains, then maybe, just maybe, the next idea we come up with for a children's animation series will actually fit ALL the criteria and get onto the screen.

These gems are also from Alix Wiseman, Head of Sales and Acquisitions, Aardman Animation, talking at Media's event, Focus on Animation, on April 30th: -

What a broadcaster likes:
1. Publishing-based properties
2. Funny stuff
3. Gender neutral
4. Well-fleshed out characters
5. No dialogue (because dubbing is costly)
6. Strong home-market TV platform
7. Good home and international ratings
8. Compelling on-line strategy. (Ie kids will ow where to find it.)
9. Dubbed-episode/ pilot.

Who said it was difficult?

It's funny but I have a feeling that if I focussed too hard on these specific requirements, I might never come up with another idea. I think the best approach is to find that gem, play with it until it is a fully formed and wickedly imaginative idea, then hone it down a little into something that won't scare people off -- my original treatment for Punky back in 2007, for example, was deemed to have "too much going on" and therefore wasn't saleable/ appealing to animation producers/ commercial; it was a hard lesson -- and then believe in it until lots of other people do.

Yup. Easy!

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