Tuesday, 1 March 2016

All Thumbs gets audience's thumbs and larynx's laughing

First night last night in the International Bar and the place was full - about 25% of the house found us online on one of the 'what's on' websites, which is fantastic and bodes well. But even better was the laughter. From a few seconds in, it was just there, spilling through the space.
Some of the audience in the bar downstairs after the show. Julie is second from the right.

I am so lucky to have found Julie Lockey for this piece. She has such brilliant comic timing and instinct that she took the material and the audience and wrapped them round her... thumb, I guess!

But before it all kicked off, StormLight were in the venue. Directors Donogh MacCarthy-Morrogh and Lochlainn McKenna spent the afternoon shooting scenes from the play, all sorts of angles and attitudes were assumed and eyebrows and thumbs were wriggled suggestively. The purpose - a short promo for which vox pops were gathered at the end of the show.

We should have that online tomorrow, if not tonight! Can't wait to see it.
As for Julie, I think - though she may be still asleep at the moment I'm writing this - that she can't wait to get back up on the stage in the International Bar and perform again!

Some pic follow of the afternoon's filmshoot. The show runs every night Monday to Friday until the 11th March at 7pm sharp. (The Comedy Cellar are in after us so we have to be prompt.)  It's also on lunchtimes at 1pm from tomorrow Weds 2nd to Sat 5th and from the 7th to the 12th March (Mon to Sat) all next week. Bookings can be made by phone +353 86 166 3363/ allthumbsplay@gmail.com. Tickets cost 10 Euro. (Concession 8 euro)

Lochlainn and a closeup of Julie's thumb. She's out of camera to keep Lena's most gloriously hideous jumper hidden

Donogh and Lochlainn set up. 

Lena through the viewfinder.

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