Sunday, 13 March 2016

THANK YOU from the All Thumbs team...

We had wonderful audiences for ALL THUMBS; audiences small and full houses; quiet laughers and loud chortlers, you made the two week run of All Thumbs awesome for us.

And, given we were in the International Bar, it was only right that our audience should have been truly international. We had people from Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, America, South Africa, Hong Kong and Taiwan, from Kilkenny and Wexford, London and Macclesfield...

We met people we haven't seen for a while and once-strangers we really hope to meet again.

THANK YOU. One and all!

And a massive thank you to everyone who helped us get All Thumbs up: the Attic Studio, where it had its first reading last year, John, James and all in the International Bar for giving us their lovely venue and being unwaveringly helpful, to Tamar Keane for helping with production, to Donogh MacCarthy-Morrogh & Lochlainn McKenna of StormLight for the promo, to Pamela Lockey for poster and programme design, to Jane McCarthy for Front of House, to Libby Sedgwick and very especially to the AMAZING Julie Lockey for bringing my strange little script and the lovely Lena to life!

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