Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Proof copies -- how real they make it all feel

Cover design by Aoife Henkes
Took delivery of a small brown box this morning. Fortunately, unlike the film Seven, there wasn't a severed head inside. 

Instead, I unwrapped three proof copies of my first book, all fresh and newborn and real.  
Cover design by Aoife Henkes

I really wasn't expecting the way I'd feel. It's so real when you hold your book in your hand and flick through the pages, dipping in and out as if you hadn't written it just to see how it sounds. 

And you hope readers will love it as much as you loved writing it and creating these characters and this world....

It's already available on Amazon as an e-book but I should have a date soon for the print version. If you're waiting for the print version, here's a short trailer to whet your appetite.

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