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My first American review for Dad's Red Dress

I haven't let myself look on the Amazon sites to see if reviews have been appearing, at least not since the first few weeks -- so imagine the delight to find this one on ! 

Dad's Red Dress is available on Amazon, in Charlie Byrne's Bookshop, Galway and directly from

Now in Charlie Byrne's Bookshop, Galway

This is a very entertaining and engaging read written in an original and imaginative way. And it deals with quite a difficult subject really well through humour.

From the beginning of the book we become aware that Jessie’s family are not quite main- stream - Eva , Jessie’s stepmother is a breast sculptor, Laura, Jessie’s sister has a fixation with the Virgin Mary and insists on wearing a veil the whole time. But it not until we are into the second chapter that we become aware that Jessie’s father likes to wear women’s clothes and wants to have a sex change. And because the family have just moved to Ireland from LA, Jessie has a lot to cope with.

I felt that Lindsay got into the head of Jessie very well. She is a sensitive and imaginative teenager who has ordinary everyday teenage problems to deal with as well as her dad’s transexuality. The character of the school principal who is attracted to ‘Mandy’ adds plenty of humour to proceedings as does Laura, Jessie’s sister with her quirky ways and her unusual pets. There are plenty of humorous moments, one particularly hilarious one where Mandy’s chicken fillet comes flying out at a rugby match springs to mind. She balances humour and tension perfectly throughout the novel.

This book should appeal to all teenagers - Jessie is a typical teenager in many ways and as the novel progresses we get to know and like her better. We sympathise with her love for her father and her struggle to come to terms with ‘Mandy’. I became involved in her world where clouds take on a significance and her colourful way of thinking.

I would recommend this quirky and entertaining novel to anyone. It highlighted the problems that the children of transsexuals can encounter when their parents are transitioning. without preaching or making judgement. - Kindle edition review on 25/4/17


I've read this twice, as an advance reader copy, and as an ebook on my kindle. It's a great story for young adults, a coming of age themed novel, filled with complexity and featuring a wonderful family of characters, alternative in many ways, and yet, so relatable. Original and believable, every character is well developed and totally three dimensional. I loved the intricacies of each one, and Jessie is just a delight, having a beautiful relationship with her Dad. Jesse has a lot to deal with now that her family has moved to Ireland from the USA...weird little sister, new school, new friends, boys, bullying - oh, and did I mention her Dad? Read on...! The Librarians Chair; 9/2/17

Vivid characters, excellent story:
In Croatia, with Aoife Maguire
Dad's Red Dress is a story for our times, and one that can be enjoyed by all of the family. The characters are vivid, the story is fresh, and the dialogue is sparkling. I can heartily recommend it. 8/2/17

A sparkling and rewarding read:
From the very first paragraph, I was sucked into the colourful and crazy world of young Jessie Keane. Her exotic family exudes warmth and togetherness. The reader is left in no doubt that this is a loving and safe environment for her and her sister. ... [The] serious subject matter is dealt with sensitively by L.J. Sedgwick, and even better than that, it is uproariously funny. I found myself re-reading sentences and entire paragraphs over again, in pure joy. I haven't enjoyed a novel as much in years. - Trish Groves, author.

What a great story – sometimes sad, deeply thought-provoking and often laugh out loud funny - 20/4/17

I found "Dad's Red Dress" sparkling, charming and a very entertaining book. - 18/3/17
In London with actress Karen Connell


It's a beautiful story excellently of the best novels I've read in bloody ages. - Patrick Chapman, author of Slow Clocks of Decay

Just finished your book on Wednesday. I had a few tears at the last chapter. It's a great read I love that style of writing. Your very witty and creative! I'm on the look out for a sequel or your second publication! – N F

At times very funny and the subject matter deftly handled, it was hard to put down and always a pleasure to get back to. Can't wait for the sequel. – T O’B, 
On way to Norway with Jakki Moore

Enjoyed the novel very much. Funny, off-beat and convincing. –  M B 

It was a touching story, dealing with all sorts of issues.  Such beautiful characters in Jessie's family, I loved them all. You did it so well, I really wanted to see how they would all deal with it.  Beautifully in the end! –  K S
In Oz with Andrea Mangan

It's heartbreaking, heartwarming and brilliantly funny, all at the same time. – PG.
*sob* What a lovely ending... it hits all the emotional marks. *blows nose loudly on damp tissue, which promptly disintegrates.* I love it. T G.

Only 10% through but having a good giggle. – K McV

What a great story, filled with complexity - original and believable, every character so well developed and totally three dimensional. I loved the intricacies of each one, and Jessie is just a delight, I was with her all the way! A beautiful relationship with her Dad, and her little sister! It's wonderful, just wonderful!!  - Caroline Farrell, author of Arkyne and Lady Beth.  

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