Sunday, 28 February 2010

Animation scripts in search of a home

Out of a ream of animation scripts I've written, there are two that are free ans demanding to be aired.

It may be that they would make lovely animated children's books if anyone is interested?


Five minute animation about skydiving octogenarians.

When a new doctor advises an elderly patient to try bungee jumping for her arthritis, he begins a new phase in the life of a run down, grey town.

His elderly patients are soon sky jumping, paragliding, gliding, bungee jumping from the town bridge. It becomes contagious. What have they got to lose? When injured, his patients find friends and lovers; young people are forced to return to the town to care for their parents and breathe new life onto the streets and the town comes alive again.


Three minute animation about life inside a beard.

A new girlfriend is keen for the beard's owner to be cleanshaven, forcing two arch enemies have to combine their skills and their loot to convince their hirsute and vain owner that his girlfriend is wrong

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