Sunday, 28 February 2010

My Screenwriting Life, so far; a brief CV

Monkey Puzzle Tree, coming of age feature.
Sleep Tight Snow White, romantic comedy adapting for TV.
Punky, animation series with Monster Animation, supported by IFB and BCI;
Wulfie, children’s animation series, with A Man and Ink Productions, Galway.

Touch & Go, thriller for Abú Media.
ONE, sci-fi feature for One Productions.

Angelica Touch, romantic comedy; a teenager decides to fix her mother’s love life by creating a dating website.

Kristina, love story, one hour feature filmed in the Philippines; Best Film Award at Swansea-on-Sea International Film Festival, 2008.

Fancy That, quirky family feature about a father and his daughter. Optioned Gemini Productions, Germany.
Lilly the Witch, storyline, Magma, Galway.
Archangel, detective series, short-listed in Tony Doyle Writer’s Award, BBC NI.
Script Reader BBC Belfast (1999-04).
Script Consultant, Chasing Dragons, Praxis Pictures.

2003 Pigpen. Two-part TV thriller short-listed Tony Doyle Writers Award. (Series originally optioned 2000, Talisman, London) Graduate, Writing Animation Course/ Screen Training Ireland.

Moonstone Screenwriters Labs, Wales, November 2002 with Jessie Jones is Nearly 10, a comedy drama feature.
Script Consultant,‘Chasing Dragons’. Praxis Pictures.
Storyline writer, Foreign Exchange. (MAGMA, Galway).

East Wall: treatment for late night comedy series, also set in Dublin. Optioned by Talisman, 2001. Also Pigpen, two part Tv thriller and Archangel (see above)

Pre 2000
Forever. Supernatural psychological thriller.(1999)
A is for Angela. 10-min drama about a child who sees blue-rinse granny angels. (1999) Casanova. (Award winner, Kodak Commercial Film Competition, London, 1998).
Touched. Short film. Premiered Leeds International Film Festival, October 1998. Internship as Assistant Script Editor, Granada Television, Children’s Drama Department (Oct/ Nov 1998).
PA various short films, Yorkshire. 1997/9.
Cross Your Heart and Hope To Die. Hammer Horror feature, Midnight Movies. (1997)
Toni C. 30-min pilot for teenage television series. (1997)

Fair City: Writer, 4th series, 1991-2; Storyline researcher 5th series,1992; Updated Bible 6th series, 1993;
Scratch Saturday: Tall Tales (RTE).Writer: 5 x 15 min films transmitted 1991/2.

Freelance script analyst and story consultant for independent producers. I’ve also run drama workshops, directed and acted in amateur productions.

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