Monday, 28 March 2011

A Frustrating Profession...

I have had to accept that a project I spent four years developing will never see the light of day. After four years in development, now that it is mine again, the advice is to let it go. I'm finding it a little bit hard, but there there's a tiny part of me that's relieved I don't have to find a new way into it, a new way of selling it to new producers.

We all have shelves full of material that would be brilliant if it was made. Too many other people have to believe in it too, so much money needs to be invested, and then there's the old shoehorn Luck...

It's all very well telling a writer to dump a project and move one but sometimes it's not the old stuff that's blocking us; it's that we need to see something happen with even one of our brilliant older projects so that we can move on positively and not feel we've abandoned countless prams at the roadside.

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