Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The perils of bad language

According to my daughter, I used a lot of inappropriate language in this poster (see right panel). Still made her stand underneath it for a pic though!

The UpStart campaign, of which this was just one of hundreds of posters, was a wonderful one to be part of. Everywhere you looked in Dublin, you could come across a piece of writing or a piece of art, all of them stimulating and/ or intriguing. You can see them all at

A bit of background. We were allowed around 122 characters and if accepted, we became part of a campaign comprising some 500 writers andvisual artists, with work reproduced on boards around Dublin that were the same size and shape as election posters and in the same places. It was a way of saying, as loud as we can, that art is part of our lives. It's not a luxury. It's part of the air we breath and the water we drink and we need it, especially now.

My offering came from my play A FRESH GALE AND COLD CHICKEN about the life of George Farquhar.

But the election is over now so they all have to come down. I believe they'll be auctioning all the posters off to pay for campaign costs, and also putting together a night in which actors will read the written works, while the images will be projected on screen.

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