Wednesday, 14 September 2011

ARCHANGEL to Visit New York City

In less than two weeks, on September 26th, in New York City, there will be a table read by some fantastic Irish actors of my feature-length pilot script for a series I developed called ARCHANGEL back in 2002. It is being hosted by the Irish Rep Theatre in Manhattan and I'm heading over because this was one of my favourite projects and still has more than enough legs and originality to run and run. It nearly made it into production back in the early days but someone lost out.

In recent years a NI producer has been trying to get it made, a Cork director has tried and is still trying, and now, thanks to actress Anna Olson Olson Nugent (, this event is happening. And in the last place on earth I imagined it would!

Maybe now all the pieces will come together and it will get made?

Originally billed as a 'female Cracker', Archangel features a detective inspector called Rebecca Gabriel who is sent from the PSNI in Belfast to swop places with a colleague in Dublin. She manages to pick up a goose along route, based on an aggressive 'guard-goose' my Aunt Joan had for years. The whole twist on it was that Rebecca relates to the crims rather than the victims because of an incident in her past, but she would never allow herself to admit this -- at least not yet. Her partner is a hot lawyer representing the scum of Dublin whose sixteen year old daughter is about to turn up unexpectedly and stay....

I've set up a separate page to try and talk about writing, starting with this at

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