Thursday, 28 March 2013

Creating - a Madly Glorious Activity

Somehow this week I have put myself in a position where I am writing two new shorts (animated - one about a fly, sort of, the other about cosmic but physically-produced 'wind'), adapting another (animated) and re-imagining a stage play into a live action short. All original and all utterly different in tone and style.

For example, in terms of styles I'm writing non-narratively but lyrically on one, telling a modern fable in another, diving into the depths of 80s films about martial arts and, finally, returning either to the world inside a beard or a commune of sky-diving octogenarians.

I'm sure this week wasn't meant to be this interesting or this varied -- I am actually trying to finish a final edit of a book for young teens - but how wonderful and exhausting that it is!

And thank god/ the universe/ cosmic powers and maybe the training I got as a freelance journo for 13 years, I can write fast. (I can also procrastinate at fiendishly sophisticated levels of slothfulness but maybe that's my evil twin in productivity terms?)

Today was a '3' day - if you're into numerology, that basically means a very creative day - so I dived in. And I think it works, most of it.

Now to work out how to raise money to put on a play next October - any ideas?!

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