Thursday, 16 March 2017

Dad's Red Dress launch: What a blast!

So, the wonderful comic actress Julie Lockey read about a piranha called Ponchinello who never makes friends, a handbag full of small but very beautiful sheep and feeding her irritating kid sister to lions, even if she knows it has to be wrong at some level...
Julie Lockey has everyone in stitches
reading from Dad's Red Dress

... and Dad's Red Dress was officially launched.
I introduce the book, my dubious 
past record with publishing 
and try not to wave my hands
toooooo much.

My book and I were flanked by friends and readers from all over Ireland (not to mention the UK, France, Germany,Croatia, America and Australia!), ably assisted by many bottles of wine (now deceased, but they emptied happily) and a small glass of jelly babies. (What's a launch without jelly babies? Seriously!)

Aoife Henkes, who designed the
cover n me. 
YAY! My first signing. 
Huge thanks to everyone who came, who brought my book home and to Filmbase for all their help and support. We had over 60 people there and the atmosphere was wonderful.

I want to do it again -- but I'll have to publish another book. That won't be until the end of the Summer - but what an incentive!!

 Some pics from the night...

Annemarie, Deirdre & Julie
Libby, Anna Olson Nugent and Paul
Nugent, with Leo photo-bombing, peacefully.
Nuala, Philip & Marie

Since Jessie does get a bit fragile
in the book,. Filmbase arranged a
fragile window...
With artist Annemarie Mockler & Deirdre
Tracy: I have mine!

And more signing, overlooked
by wine.

John Hanamy, Philip Mullen and
the distinguished backs of artist
Anne-Marie Mockler and author
Susan Knight
Author Caroline Farrell, Aaron 
Hunter of Maynooth Uni and 
my school friend Jean Rafferty 

Actress Julie Lockey and marathon 
legend, Kris Ryan in front of more work
by Aoife Henkes, graphic artist.

Before I was dragged away 
running the bar.

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