Sunday, 19 March 2017

Fried Eggs is on in London!

“He snarled the way some people can pirouette in a shower without falling over
or flooding the bathroom or accidentally killing their partner with the shower nozzle.”

For two nights only, Fried Eggs will be on in the Union Theatre, Southwark, London. April 3rd and 10th, 2017. This follows sellout shows in Theatre Upstairs (2015) and Galway's Town Hall Theatre (2016). Performed by Karen Connell, Fried Eggs is a bizarre love story about two unusual sisters and one very understanding man. 

There are framed pictures of Greek islands on the walls. White walls. Blue sky. A sea so turquoise blue I can feel it on my tongue but when I go close, everything’s faded, as if they’re memories that are slowly being lost.”

Eloise spends her life consoling men her sister Lulu has slept with and dumped. If Lulu could only be a little more inhibited, that might make Eloise’s life a bit easier. When Eloise loses her job because of Lulu, the last thing she wants is to meet her sister’s latest conquest, Brendan. 

But then again, Brendan might be the one person who can make everything right.

At a time when positive mental health is recognised as being crucial to our well-being and even survival, this funny, lyrical and quirky play shows that no matter what the odds, love and hope are still possible. 

 “There’s an arc of sunlight hitting the tray before it gets collected - by a very small man, but neat if you didn’t take in the beer belly that was triplets for sure. It lights up the cheeseburger as if it were on the red carpet of a Junk Food Premiere.”

From the audience: 

Some of the feedback from the Dublin premiere (2015) and the 2016 tour: 

As a piece of writing, as a piece of theatre it is absolutely wonderful...  
Very powerful and beautiful play. I really loved it.... 
Bridget Jones meets Shirley Valentine meets Nuts. Very funny... Lingers magically in my memory bank... 
An amazing show! The script and the performance were both outstanding! Loved it... 
The play was amazing! Still working it out in my head! ...  
Very powerful piece....Captivating performance...
A brilliant piece of work...
We wanted more of both Lulu and Eloise!

Fried Eggs is written and directed by Lindsay Jane Sedgwick, the award-winning screenwriter and former journalist whose nine hours of  TV and film credits include the creation of the ground-breaking thrice IFTA-nominated TV series, PUNKY. He plays have been across Ireland, in the UK and on BBC Radio 4.

Trained with Galway Youth Theatre and completed an M.A. in Drama & Theatre Studies, with a focus on playwriting and the Chekhov acting technique.Karen brings a unique understanding to the role. Having survived cancer twice, she knows how moments, seemingly tiny things, almost intangible can impact on a vulnerable individual who is trying to hold everything together and brings great depth to the role.

More feedback and reviews here

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