Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Competition deadlines...

And yes, competitions are a pain in the neck but they make useful deadlines, and once a script is ready then your choices are greater. More competitions, if it doesn't get shortlisted/ win the first; contacting producers to convince them it's their next big thing; or a rewrite to make it even better. At least it will be done.

Came across this site that might be useful: He has a 'calendar' panel on the right of the page listing all competition deadlines. The next two I've already mentioned but they're so close you can smell the sulphur: 15th Jan - Page International - and Blue Cat Fellini - 20th.

Could be useful, but check the rules. I've found a few I'm not eligible for because of I have about four hours of screened material. (In short, one feature, five non-verbal children's films of 15 mins, two episodes of soap and three shorts - one I've never seen and didn't know existed until I saw it on IMdB. I think they culled it from the feature and gave it the name of the leading character. If I could track down the producer, I could ask. Maybe that's a background task for this year!)

Let's all have a productive and satisfying writing year!

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