Monday, 31 January 2011

How to Sit While Writing the Masterpiece

Since we have no choice but to spend hours with our heads bent over notebooks and scripts that we need to edit, or on the computer, this might be a useful site to look at. After years of miscellaneous treatment for my right shoulder, I came across it after my osteopath suggested I look up office ergonomics online.

The site I found was

Some of it I knew, as will you - the feet flat on the floor bit for example - but other bits, I didn't. Apparently the top of the monitor should be higher than eye level. I have never managed this, given my desk has been in many rooms, the desk itself has been many sizes and shapes and the computer keeps changing. But it seems obvious.

Now I just need to find something to sit it on!

I can't influence how well the work I do on the computer will be received, or how fantastic it will be (!?) but at least I can try to set the computer up right so I don't exacerbate existing muscle damage!

How to sit:
Home office set-up:

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