Friday, 11 January 2013

In Conversation with Chris Nee on 25th

I've been asked to moderate an interview with the creator/ writer/ producer Chris Nee on the 25th at the Digital Biscuit conference. It's on at 4.30 and I'm really excited!

Nee's most recent credit is as creator of the animated series, Doc McStuffins, the show for 2-7 year-olds that's getting huge acclaim and that was made here by Brown Bag.

Can't wait to meet her.

This is a woman who created a tv show to demystify doctors and medicine for kids because her son, Theo suffered very badly from asthma - I'm over-simpifying, of course. I created Punky to make demystify special needs - again, a massive over-simplification - because of my step-son Darragh whose autistic, among other reasons.

Mind you, she also produced docs such as Deadliest Catch for Discovery (while writing Wonder pets for Nick) and has a fantastic CV going back to Sesame Street (associate producer) which is pretty awesome, while the longest production I've managed so far was a one-act stage play...

So I know she will be a really interesting person to interview. My only worry now is that there won't be enough time to find out everything she no doubt has to say!

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