Sunday, 27 January 2013

Salt on Our Skin -- some pics

The script, from whence these things start... The reason I love writing for theatre because words can mean soooo much and be so powerful!

Our star, Aoife Moore, though not as you'd know her...

And then comes colour... We used early rehearsals to play with colour, light, movement, sensation, memory and touch...

Salt on Our Skin/ as part of the Collaborations 13 Festival organised by Jack Burdell Experience Theatre Company. Salt will be followed by two two other shows (High Five, Danny O'C from Risky Proximity Players and A Portrait of the Artist as a Younger Woman by Sarah Kinlan) as part of the package.
Total running time : 1 hour.
Drinkies afterwards might run longer!

THE DATES: Feb 26th and Feb 28th and March 2nd


THE VENUE: Smock Alley Theatre, The Boy's School, a gorgeous and unusual venue...
Tickets from

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