Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Process Begins...

We start rehearsals on Saturday for Salt on Our Skin with the fabulous Aoife Moore as Eve. The auditions were humbling - a great group of brilliant and gifted actors who gave their time, talent and energy to us for a whole afternoon.

I'd like to thank them all sincerely - if only there had been six parts!

But now the process begins.... It's so exciting to finally begin to get this play ready for production, with a great director - Antoinette Duffy - and now Aoife. We don't have dates yet for the nights Salt will be on over the Collaborations 13 Festival but you have to come and see the result!!!

If you want more info on the Festival - 31 shows over two weeks - , try either http://www.fundit.ie/project/jb-collaborations-2013 (It's a FundIt scheme for the festival but also has all the background info) or http://thejackburdellexperience.wordpress.com/. (That's the inspiring theatre company who created the Festival.)

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