Friday, 20 May 2011

Chapter Two on the NIPper

Day 2: Chapters 8-10 edited/ rewritten/ polished...Not sure what to call this process. Some need drastic work, others that I think are really problematic turn out to be solved by a tweak here and there, removal of a few pars or addition of a little exchange...

Late at night seems to be one of my most focussed times for editing. If I can make myself read through the print outs, I seem to be able to do the cuts, find the phrases, work out the structure best after 10 pm. After 11 is even better but by then my eyes are drooping. It helps if your social life is on hold and your partner abroad! (A way of filling the void -- or freeing up more time when he returns!?)

Five down after two days. 18 chapters/ 7 days to go. It helps to have an end date - I know I don't have to keep this pace up forever.

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