Monday, 23 May 2011

Day 5: the NIPper bites back

Okay, I was probably being unrealistic thinking I could work at the weekend. If I wasn't a mother, if I had more discipline, if I didn't mind shutting the world out for swathes of time... then maybe. I got some extra work done on Friday night but then it was more a case of wanting to than of doing.

If I was worth my salt as a writer, I'd suggest the ideas I would need this week were brimming away while we were at the Red Bull Flug Tag or shopping in town or while I was cooking or drinking red wine...

Today, I managed to get three chapters done. So I'm not quite on target but I'm only slightly horrendously off. They were difficult ones. The ones that worked when they were part of a screenplay just didn't come up to scratch when they were put down in prose and problems I'd turned a blind eye to were lying in wait with teeth bared.

Four more days to go.

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