Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Salt on Our Skin opens at Smock!

Fantastic performance by Aoife Moore as Eve in Salt on Our Skin for the opening night last night! "Mesmerising" was one comment I overheard! (Yeah, I was seriously chuffed!) Only two performance left - Thursday 26th and Sat 2nd of March @6pm in Smock Alley Theatre.

A brilliant show by Sarah Kinlen - Portrait of the Artist as a Youngish Woman - is the second work of theatre in the hour of theatre with Salt and absolutely worth seeing!

Some feeddback for Salt and Aoife:

"Wonderful" - ES, Terenure.

"I went last night really good play and acting, truly moving and puts a unique perspective on vision, love and how we relate and communicate difficult issues. Moving theatre it works really well in the space" – DC, Clontarf

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