Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Creatives in Animation Network - First 2013 Meeting

Hoping to set up another get together for the Creatives in Animation Network in March - the first two months have just been too hectic - but in a good way...

1. Stage: SALT ON OUR SKIN, Smock Alley Theatre Feb 26th, 28th and March 2nd as part of the Collaborations Festival organised by the Jack Burdell Experience theatre company; A second play is also on line for later in the year for Derry, Dublin and the world!

2. Film: BARZAKH, a live action short film, is in post production in Cork - director Donogh MacCarthy Morrogh, Stormlight Productions. To be launched early March;

3. TV Series: Promising tremors are indicating that a tv series I created may genuinely and realistically go into production later this year... Fingers valiantly crossed! Toes too!

4. Animation: Script gig on a new animation series. Also the series I created PUNKY goes into its second series...

5. Creatives in Animation Network: Apart from organising the next meeting of the Network I'm looking to pull together a special meeting looking at games/ cross platform writing. Something you'd be interested in?

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