Monday, 25 February 2013

Salt on Our Skin -- one day to go!

One day to go and Salt will have its world debut in Smock Alley Theatre-The Boys' School at 6pm (Tuesday 26th Feb) Can't wait to see it now in front of a live audience and it's such a lovely venue - for those of you who haven't yet been in 'The Boys' School' space. Really atmospheric. (It's also on Thurs 28th Feb and Sat 2nd, also @ 6pm)

We had tech runs at the weekend and I took some pics but great as my little I-phone is, these are definitely 'atmospheric' pics only!

Apart from actor Aoife Moore who carries this one-woman play...

... the pics feature my oldest chair - lovingly re-homed after the old house was sold, despite siblings saying it wasn't worth keeping!...

... and a wonderful quilt that my sister Karen made for me that has been hanging on my bedroom wall for years.

Salt On Our Skin will be followed by Portrait of the Artist as a Youngish Woman by Sarah Kinlen. Both are part of the Collaborations Festival which began on Friday and runs till the 9th Feb. 28 shows, getting an average of three nights apiece... Not a lot of time to see heaps of wonderful shows but definitely worth making the effort!

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